my first rails project – chunky downloads

I just released my first ruby on rails project. It’s called “chunky” and handles download links of chunky files. Here is a little screencast about how to use it:

As a system administrator I often get calls from colleagues who have to send a bigger file to our clients or partners. Usually these files are too big for email transfer or wont pass mail filters on servers. Of course we have an FTP-Server for such purposes but believe me… explaining the use of FTP everytime and fiddling around with FTP download problems on the client/partner side as well is pain in the … you name it. Sometimes there are also some special requirements to the download as an expire date or max download count.
A solution to these requirements is chunky the download manager in RoR (Ruby on Rails). You can upload a file in the admin section or choose an already uploaded file. Then your create a personalized, unique download link for this files. You can specifiy an expire date and a maximum download count. You will be notified by email about the new link and you can even notify your client about the new link.
I realesed this project under GPLv3 on the Google Code Project:

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