Jimmy Wales – please take over Wikipedia Germany

Dear Jimmy Wales,

at the moment every entry in the german Wikipedia contains your open letter to the readers. You ask us to donate to the Wikimedia Foundation to support your effort to keep and maintain the knowledge of the world.
At the very same time a group of editorial administrators of the german Wikipedia keeps on deleting articles which they consider “not relevant”. A lot of articles especially regarding the internet society and their surroundings got already deleted.
This is of course irritating. The Wikipedia lives from and for the internet society. It relies on the support of the people who use the internet every day. Deleting the topics they are talking about might not encourage them to support the Wikipedia and especially not donating to the Wikimedia foundation.

best regards


Autor: falko

a *nix nerd

  1. eincarsten

    Ähm. Nach nem starken Mann rufen ist’s auch nicht, oder? Wikipedia ist halt ne Chronokratie – haste Zeit, kannste dich hocharbeiten.

    Lieber an der Diskussion um Relevanzkriterien beteiligen und die Adminstratorenernennung und Löschdiskussionen transparenter machen. Gibt’s dafür keine App?

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