Let the cooking begin – MEATER Probe in da house

  • MEATER Probe in action
  • MEATER App Progress
  • MEATER App ambient high
  • MEATER App Temperature Graph

Today I finally got my long awaited crowd funded MEATER Probe. This tiny probe is bluetooth low energy enabled temperature sensor which is about to revolutionize meat cooking.

When it was anounce quite a while ago (actually 2015) on Kickstarter I immediately fell in love with the device. Small, wireless and beautifully designed with a smart mobile app to help getting me meat just perfect on the grill or oven.

The little metal rod sports actually two temperature sensors. One in the metal tip to measure the internal temperature of the meat. One in the square metal cap on the end to measure the ambient temperature. It comes neatly places in a bamboo charging station to hold the probe while its not in use.

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