Customer Satisfaction not accomplished…

Dear Mr. Nobuyuki Idei

I recently bought a Sony DSC-P93 digital still image camera. This is a replacement for my former Canon IXUS 400. So regarding to this you won. But I have to say that I’m not fully satisfied with your product. I mean you product is slightly more expensive than the IXUS so I would consider that I got some extra value for my money. But I miss one important feature in the DSC series. The all seem to lack the position sensor. When I take a picture in portrait position I have to rotate it afterwards in the computer to view it right. The IXUS recognize the bearing and safes this information within the image file.
I think this is just a small but very usefull part. So please consider to integrate it into you products as well.

Thanks an kind regards


Autor: falko

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