when phones go mad

I recently saw the latest Batman movie “The Dark Knight”. Somewhen in the plot it was introduced that Wayne Enterprises (the company of Batmans alter ego Bruce Wayne) is cooperating with the government in building mobile phones. And then later on Batman turns every phone in the city (obviously the ones his company equipped) into his eyes and ears by accessing them remotely. Sounds like science fiction? I don’t think so.

Look at the latest news about the major bug in the Google Android mobile. A hidden console can be accidentally started and this takes every text input and interprets this a system command executed by the super user. So if you type “reboot” your Android will reboot. How nasty is this? This doesn’t seem to be a simple software bug to me. Why can a hidden process receive copies of the input from everywhere in the system? This was surely not implemented by chance.

It’s also well known that both, Google and Apple, are able to delete applications remotely from their smartphones. So you can be sure they can also install new applications without your knowledge. And you can be sure it’s technically absolutely possible to silently turn on your mobiles microphone and camera without your knowledge. This is not science fiction this is technical reality. It’s just a matter of time until this will be used. Either intended or hacked by some third party or hijacked by the goverment for sake of security.

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