Runtastic – How to drive off customers effectively

Screencast Runtastic to Strava

Runtastic was one of the first usable Sports tracking app available for Smartphones. I’ve started using it in 2009 and used to be quite happy with the features and overall user experience. I had used it on the iPhone, on Windows Mobile and Android smartphones. Since a little more than a year I’m using it on an iPhone 6 Plus on a daily basis to track my commute and other sport activities.

What drove me really crazy about Runtastic is that fact the app is nagging me about feedback and rating. About twice a week I’m getting a pop up when finishing an activity that asks me to provide a rating in the app store. About every other week I get an additional pop up screen which asks for an NPS style rating. One can’t turn those pop ups off. And one has to acknowledge them actively.

To me this is super annoying. I was a Runtastic Premium member. Means I’ve paid for the Runtastic Pro app itself (on multiple devices) and I had a premium member subcriptions with a yearly payment. I’ve uploaded multiple activities a day. So Runtastic should be able to tell that I’m quite fine with using the app on a regular basis. Still they’re nagging me far too often to provide feedback.

I had reached out to them on Twitter and asked them to fix this at least for paying members. Their social media person of course said they’re looking into it. But did something change? No.

This week my frustration about this has reached a level that drove me off the Runtastic Platform. I searched the Internet how to best migrate my data off to another platform. Runtastic themselves don’t offer an export functionality. But thanks to some skilled people you can easily find some JavaScript code to fetch the data from their web interface. To show how easy that really is I made a short video showing the process.

It’s really a simple 6 step process:

  1. Login to Runtastic website
  2. go to your activities overview
  3. Open the JavaScript Console of your browser
  4. Paste the JavaScript Code from Github into it and press enter – Download of all activities starts
  5. Login to your Strava Account
  6. Import the individual activities in batches of 25 files (the Strava import limit)


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