In concert: Queens of the Stone Age

Their most recent album “Villians” is on heavy rotation in my phone. And coincidental a good friend of mine pinged me yesterday wether I’d like to go to their concert this evening.
That was a nice surprise since I indeed considered getting concert tickets – but were as usual too lazy to really do so.

The gig took place in the Velodrom which is conveniently just around the corner from my place. We were standing in the lower ground just about 30m away from the stage.
As soon as we had gotten our beers and entered the main area the band started to play. So just in time arrival on our part.

The sound was of course loud and quite physical. Unfortunately the sound mix was rather bad. The guitars, basses and drums were much too prominent while the lead guitar and especially the vocals were too low. This absolutely didn‘t do the band justice as Josh Hommes is a quite good singer.
Still it was a very powerful concert and the band played for about 90 minutes.

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